Greece 2018 – Heraklion Crete

Day 9: Crete (Κρήτη)

Honestly, I would’ve preferred to be on the west side of Crete around Chania where more of the beaches and hiking trails are but the main dock for big boats is in Heraklion. The main excursion here is the Knossos palace; ancient Minoan city ruins. The Minoans are the civilization before the early Greeks. This is the historical portion of the trip. I have a short attention span for museums and history stuff, so I just walk around and take photos. However, here are some photos of the ruins, and peacocks.

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Afterward, the journey through history continues at the archaeological museum. Hey, at least there was good air conditioning in the building. Here are just some of the things which I thought stood out.


Then we were back in the center of Heraklion. You should be able to find a good gyro spot anywhere. Not too far from the center is the Fortress Roca al Mare. You can choose to walk to the fortress, or keep going all the way to the lighthouse. I just walked to the fortress.

_crete (2)



As with most greek islands, it gets really hot during midday in the summer, so a beach is necessary for cooling down. The closest beach to the port is Ammoudara beach. Not bad for a quick hour escape, even if an electric plant is 2 miles away (did not spot any 3 eyed fish). You can walk out surprisingly far since the depth doesnt change much; stays 4 feet for quite a distance.


_crete (1)

Well, that’s all the time we had for this huge island unfortunately. Like I said before, there is much more going on in the west side, but for another time. Next stop, Samos.