Switzerland 2017 – Day 2

Day 2: Nachster Halt – Mount Titlis

Mount Titlus is 10,623 ft /3,238 meters above sea level. Engelberg is a town which serves as the gateway to Mount Titlis and just a 45 minute train ride from Lucerne. If you purchased a Swiss Travel pass, then you get a 50% discount on the cable car and Titlis Rotair rotating gondola to the Titlis mountain station. This is a popular and fun day trip in Switzerland but when the weather is not on your side, it becomes something else entirely. Remember, as you ascend, it gets cold fast, and you should start layering.


Toward the top, you can see the surrounding snow/ice capped mountains but not today. Mount Titlis peak was completely surrounded in cloud and visibility of any mountains was 0%. Also, the clouds brought an icy rain to make things more interesting. After getting off the Titlis station, we figured that the Glacier Cave was a good way to start since it is indoors. Keep in mind that walls are forever frozen in the cave so expect dress for freezing temps (wasn’t much warmer outside though).


After the cave, it was time for the Cliff Walk; the largest suspension bridge in Europe. But the weather got worse and it was just a foggy and shaky bridge walk with ice rain. Check google images for a view during better weather.


Once across the suspension bridge, you can take the Ice Flyer chair lift to Glacier Park; an area for skiing, sledding, and snow-tubing. Snow-tubing was cancelled due to bad weather but sledding was a go. Sledding was fun, but after a while in the rain, we were soaked and had to turn back. I can at least say we had the sleds to ourselves for most of the time.



There is a lake one stop down the cable car back to Engelberg called Trubsee lake which we did stop for due to the weather but let me know how it was if you’ve done it. Actually there are loads of hiking trails on the mountain but better to explore during better weather. Once at Engelberg, we had a good and well deserved Indian lunch at Spice Bazaar.

Once back at Lucerne and some free time left, we headed to see the Lion Monument. A photo can’t really show how large the stone wall and lion is but believe me, it’s quite impressive.


Not too far from the Lion monument, we came across some parade where people were dressed up in medieval times attire. I didn’t have a clue but just decided to walk along with them, lol.


Well, that’s it for today. We packed our bags for Mount Pilatus tomorrow!