Running on empty – week 2

Another hot sweaty summer week of running and a Bronx 15 miler. During the weekdays, I’m awake before sunrise and run during sunset with nothing to eat or drink in between, then go all out on Saturday morning. After 2 weeks, its routine already.

Monday: 3.8 miles @ 9:13 min/mile pace. Not a bad start to the week. Vita Coco is officially my post-run drink now.

Tuesday: 4.04 miles @ 9:08 min/mile pace. A bit farther and a bit faster, yes! It actually would’ve went quicker if I didn’t notice this hawk fly right over me and land on a lamp post. My favorite bird is the horned owl, but hawks are cool too. Eagles are also pretty cool.

Wednesday: 4.11 miles @ 9:29 min/mile pace. I usually run in the street close to the line of parked cars while going against traffic so that the drivers and I see each other as we approach. Thus far, I’ve knocked a parked car mirror out-of-place twice. I try use the bike lanes when available.

Thursday: 4.15 miles @ 9:06 min/mile pace. My best run for the week (mile 2 was done in 7:58 min/mile pace, whoa).

Saturday: 14.85 miles @ 10:46 min/mile pace (last few miles ruined the pace completely).

How do I begin? Oh yea, the temperature was like 90 degrees and the humidity was 85%! We were all already sweating during the warm-ups, lovely. Again, I decided to run with the advanced group for 15 miles.

First 10K: Off we went; 10 warriors into the woods. But first, a 2 minute bathroom break. I really needed to pee. After a brief water break, the fun began. Onward to the Putnam trail. I coudn’t keep up with the wolf pack for morethan 4 miles. I ended up alone, why does this keep happening to meeee! All sweaty and frustrated, I take off my shirt and dedicate the remainder of the trail to “catching” them. The view for most of the way looked like the picture below; kinda like running in a hot muddy jungle.

Second 10K: We reached the end of the Putnam trail, and the wolf pack waited at the water break stop. We stayed for 4-5 minutes to see if anyone else from our group completed the trail, but nobody made it out yet. I ran with the remaining 4 until the next water break. Its really hot now, and we all are shirtless and sweaty. Some use the bathrooms but I just chug down liquids. So off we go again through the Putnam trail, the 5 of us, I am one of the warriors now! Crap, it was fun while it lasted, I was left in the dust and just couldn’t resist a walking break. Did I not drink enough water? Why can’t I keep up? C’mon Jon! I should train harder during the week. The punishment starts Monday, grrr.

Final 5K: I see them. The gap is getting smaller! Perhaps the only reason I caught up to the wolf pack is because 2 of them needed to use the bathroom. We proceeded as a group to the water break stop. After a few minutes of rest, there were 2 miles left. Again, they kept their pace while I just stayed behind. I stopped caring by this point; my legs had no more juice. There was a point where a took a walk break from running, and then took a standing break from walking! This is a first; it must be pure exhaustion or “the wall”. With just a half mile left, with nothing left, I had to borrow energy from the future to continue on. I survived.

Will I finally be able to stay with the wolf pack throughout the entire run? Do I have what it takes to be a marathon warrior?