Greece 2018 – Mykonos

Day 4: Mykonos (Μύκονος)

Onward to the Cyclades cluster of islands (there are so many). The day started early with a short walk from the pier to Stefanos beach._myk (1)_myk (2)DSCF6064DSCF6074DSCF6084DSCF6085

After getting back to the ship to shower and eat lunch, we went beach hopping. First Ornos beach.


Then Kalafatis beach.


Then we headed to Mykonos town for a stroll. This would be the first time that we walk through a town full of those ‘marshmallow’ houses.


After getting stuck in the maze of narrow streets, we can arrived at the iconic windmills.

_myk (4)DSCF6153DSCF6157DSCF6160DSCF6161DSCF6162

After hours of walking around taking photos and shopping, we ate dinner at Kastros; expensive but worth it. Then we strolled by the shore line as the sun set.

DSCF6170_myk (5)20180703_181052DSCF6176_myk (3)DSCF6184

It was a simple day. Sure, we didn’t party all night at the Super Paradise beach area, but that’s ok. There is a huge night life area here in Mykonos. Another thing to mention that we did not have time for is the Dragonisi island tour, maybe next time. Next stop, Milos.


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