Switzerland 2017 – Day 5

Day 5: Nachster Halt – Klein Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

As usual, you gotta start early to beat the crowds. So try to be at the Matterhorn Express cable cars before 8:30am. From Zermatt station, it’s about 30 minutes to the Klein Matterhorn (12,740 feet / 3,883 meters above sea level).


There are multiple station stops along the way starting with Furi, Schwarzee, and Trockner Steg. These stations have multiple hiking paths branching from them that can easily take up a week to explore them all. But I think you should start high and work your way down. From my experience, the weather at the peaks are better in the morning.

So once at the top station, don’t forget to layer up. It’ll be a bit chilly, and of course throw on the sunscreen and shades since everything is bright especially because of all the ice reflecting the sun. Check out the viewing platform for ultimate views and to get real close to the Breithorn (I’ll stand on you tomorrow Breithorn).

Since its freezing all year here, you’ll notice many people bringing their skis for some winter fun. And what is a winter world without a Glacier Palace. This one is a bit like the one in Mt Titlis except that there are way more ice sculptures and an ice throne which has some props for photo time.


The snow-tubing area was small so we skipped that part. Just because you’re done at the top doesn’t mean that you’re done at all. In fact, the fun just begins. Back into the cable car, one stop down to the Trockener Steg station and into a lunar-ish landscape.


You’ll immediately see a large lake and the pyramidal face of the Matterhorn. You can explore as far as you like via the Matterhorn glacier trail or just stop at the lake for photo time.

When you’re done here, you can take the cable car down to the next station called Schwarzee. If you wanted, you can hike the path all the way down to Zermatt, or you can walk to the Hornli hut (Matterhorn base camp) from here. Wherever you decide to go, the views surround you.



I came across a ski flag pole and couldn’t help myself, I’m a kung-fu junkie.


The Hotel Restaurant Schwarzee is a good spot to eat after a long walk under the sun. You can find it right next to Schwarzee station.

Well not everyday can be a perfect day. On our way down from Schwarzee, the cable cars malfunctioned and we were stuck in the cable car for over an hour. Even with a view, you kinda get pissed off about your situation. Good thing we used the bathroom (WC) before getting on the cable car.

Well, after all that, we eventually were back in Zermatt village and headed back to the hotel. We decided to head to the pool and hot tub, get some dinner, and sleep. The next day is my big day, Breithorn summit day!

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