Switzerland 2017 – Day 10 (final)

Day 10: Nachster Halt – Zurich

Yep, its time to say goodbye to the Alps and head back to the city where we would catch our flight home early the following day. From the Interlaken Ost station, you take the Basel bound train to Bern for an hour, and then transfer to the St. Gallen/Romanshorn bound train to Zurich for another hour or so.

From Zurich station, the Hotel Continental Zurich is within walking distance and we headed there first to drop our bags. There are a few main attractions to check out if you only have a few hours in Zurich like we did. First, you can take a stroll down their main avenue called Bahnhofstrasse street. There are plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from.

Then there is the Grossmunster church.


187 claustrophobic steps to the top, but the views are always worth the effort.


Another viewpoint of the city is right by the Limmat river in Lindenhof park.


For lunch, we heard that Burgermeister is the master of burgers in Zurich, so we tried it out, and we approve. Finally, there is the Altstadt (Old Town) area. This is pretty part of Zurich with some more shops and restaurants. I don’t remember where we ate for dinner but I do remember running into any ol place to escape the sudden rainstorm. Yea, it rains a lot here in July. I wish I had more to say about Zurich but we only had a few hours and I came to Switzerland for the Alps in the first place.

And that’s it. I hope my posts gave you some ideas of what to see and do in Switzerland. I totally recommend at least a week for visiting this country. I’d definitely go back to the Alps. Maybe Chamonix and Mont Blanc perhaps, and then there is the Andes and Himilayas, hmm. Thank you Switzerland for showing yourself to me and having good enough weather for me to experience the activities that were on my list.

Switzerland 2017 – Day 9

Day 9: Nachster Halt – Grindelwald and First

I heard a lot of great things about Grindelwald. Aside from being a scenic town, there are a lot of fun activities to do there as well. Lets go. From Lautebrunnen, you just have to take a short train ride back to Interlaken Ost and then transfer to the Grindelwald bound train. Even on a cloudy day, Grindelwald is a pretty place with plenty of hotels, shops, and restaurants.

You can take a cable car to one of the nearby peaks called First (7,110 ft / 2,167 meters above sea level) and walk on the Tissot cliff walk which is similar to the one by the Schilthorn but the views are always unique and worth it.


From First station, there are plenty of hiking paths to explore especially the 3 km walk to Bachalpsee lake. We already visited some very nice lakes and besides, we wanted to be one of the first in line to catch the First Flyer zip line. Pray for good weather, and this zip line will be open; totally worth doing.


The zip line takes you from the First cable station to the Schreckfeld station, but not all the way to Grindelwald. Nope, the descent just begins. Right after the zipline, after seeing free range cows with huge bells on their neck, you’ll see the mountain carts (mario kart).


Little did I know that this was going to be a highlight of my trip. Just imagine getting in a mario kart, and driving down a mounting for like 10 minutes with the best view on your left (and also a cliff hehe).

Once it was over, I couldn’t accept it, and rode the cable car back up to the Schreckfeld station just so that I could do the mario kart twice. Trust me, do this!



Just one tip here, toward the beginning, avoid cow poo at all costs, especially your front tire. Didn’t happen to me but it happens. Well, back at Grindelwald, we had the best lunch at Restaurant & Bar Golden India. Since it started raining again and we had some time to spare, we decided to check out the Gletscherschlucht gorge which is a short bus ride from Grindelwald. It’s a nice stroll between to rock walls and water flowing between.

There is a blue net that hangs across the rock walls and above the water. This alone, would be the price of admission. I jumped until I had no more jumps left in me.

As the sun came back out, we headed back Interlaken for our last night in the area for some last-minute chocolate and gift shopping. We ate dinner at Laylat Beirut (lebanese food) which was perhaps the best meal we had in Switzerland thus far. We then headed back to Lauterbrunnen and packed our bags. Our next and final day is back in Zurich.

Switzerland 2017 – Day 8

Day 8: Nachster Halt – Jungfrau

Jungfrau; the queen of the mountains. It’s not the biggest mountain in Switzerland but it’s probably the highest anyone can go by train. If you want to experience winter in the summer, look no further. It’s also a very expensive train ticket so hopefully you decided to go during good weather. Many tourists come from their Interlaken and Grindelwald hotels to get to Jungfrau. It’s best to wake up first thing and try to beat the crowds.

It was an unbelievably nice and clear day but the mountain forecast had thunderstorms on the itinerary for the afternoon. More reason to get things done early. From Lauterbrunnen, we headed to the small town of Wengen via a short train ride. Wengen looks nice, like a mini Grindelwald. If I ever returned, I’d stay here.


Anyway, from Wengen, we took the cable car up to Mannlichen. We didn’t want to be late to Jungfrau, but from the Mannlichen station, there is a peak 15 minutes away which has great views of the valley. Nevertheless, Mannlichen station has its own views.


I read somewhere that one of the easiest and most scenic hikes is from Mannlichen station to Klein Scheidegg station; the main station for the Jungfrau train. It’s about an hour or so and yes, it’s the most scenic hike I’ve been on.


Did I mention it’s mostly downhill.


Halfway through the path, you make a right turn, and suddenly the big 3 decide to join the party. These guys know how to make an entrance.


Once again, strategically placed benches; the Swiss know the spots.


And if you’re into construction, you can try it out I guess.


It was a nice day and all but without any shade, the sun will mess get you hot and uncomfortable so bring sunscreen and water. Keep in mind that you’ve been 7,000 feet above sea level this whole time. After a scenic hour, you’ll arrive at Kleine Scheidegg.


Now here is something that I learned and didn’t know beforehand which is really important. The train to Jungfrau is limited and you have to get your tickets prior to arriving otherwise you may find out that tickets are sold out. Trains leave every half hour or so with a certain number of seats. When your competition is busloads of tour groups, you have to take what you can get. We ended up with train tickets but had the earliest one available which was in 2 hours. Eh, that’s ok I guess, we were hungry anyway so we just ate bratwursts and such at the restaurant. And there is wifi, so an hour can go fast and smooth. And one more tip, when booking the return train, give yourself 3 hours instead of 2 because you may want to take your time.


Choo choo, onward to Jungfrau. Much respect to those who blasted the mountain to make the these tunnels above 10,000 feet years ago. As you ascend you may have to put layers on. When you first get off, you may want to go straight to the Sphinx Terrace observatory. Remember to put on your shades before getting off the elevator, its bright out there. You’ll notice that you’re in a winter world surrounded by snow, ice, and rock. And Aletsch glacier (Europe’s longest glacier [22km] is in front of you as well.

From the observatory, you’ll also see fun stuff going on below like skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and zip lining. What is this place? Well, time to head below and play. Right along the glacier, is the Snow Fun Park. We didn’t hesitate for a second and just got on snow tubes. Before you know it, and hour or so passed. Sledding is cool too but you’ll get your legs more wet from the snow.

We didn’t do the zip line because it was kind of short for what it was worth, but stay tuned to a Swiss zip line that I think is worth it in the following post. And if you wanted to trek 45 minutes across the glacier to the Monch hut, you could do that too.

There are other areas to explore such as the Alpine Sensation (museum with lights and music) and Ice Palace (ice cave with ice sculptures similar to Zermatt’s glacier paradise ice cave) but we didn’t get a chance. Snow fun park was too fun for anything else lol.


And before leaving, make sure to stop at the world’s highest-altitude chocolate shop. We started to notice some big clouds swarming the mountain, well it’s time to go anyway. As we headed back down to Lauterbrunnen and Interlaken from Jungfrau, it rained hard; totally dodged that nastiness up there. Always check the mountain-forecast site for the weather before planning your next day, it helped me a lot.


Switzerland 2017 – Day 7

Day 7: Nachster Halt – Lauterbrunnen, Murren, Schilthorn

From the Pennine Alps to the Bernese Alps.

From Zermatt, the trains to get you to Lauterbrunnen are the following:
– Visp/Fiesch bound train to Visp (~1 hr)
– Basel bound train to Spiez (~30 min)
– Interlaken bound train to Interlaken Ost (~30 min)
– Lauterbrunnen bound train to Lauterbrunnen (~20 min)

Yea I know, crazy commute with luggage in 80F+ weather but this was the quickest path. Why did I choose Lauterbrunnen instead of Interlaken or Grindelwald? I thought it was a central spot for home base. Maybe it would help if I show a map of the area.


As you can see, Interlaken (refer to the Day 1 post), is farthest from the action (on the left of the map) but at the same time, has the most restaurants and hotels. To the right of Interlaken is a valley that forks into 2: Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen. Grindelwald would be ideal if you weren’t planning to check out the Schilthorn (which I planned to do today). Actually, there are many small towns upon the valley walls such as Murren and Wengen that are also great for staying in a hotel for a night or 2. Wherever you decide to go, just remember that you’ll have great views. We stayed at the Hotel Silbelhorn which wasn’t bad. Again, no air condition in these hotels and it was very hot. The perfect solution after a long travel day from Zermatt was to just drop our bags and go to the nearest mountain for some cooler weather. Onward to the Schilthorn.

Right from the Lauterbrunnen station, you catch the cable car to Grutschalp and then transfer to a Murren bound train for 2 stops to Murren. Between the cable car and train ride, just enjoy your view of the Lauterbrunnen valley.


You’ll even catch your first glimpse of the big 3: Eiger (left), Monch (middle), and Jungfrau (right). As the story goes, the Jungfrau (young maiden) is being protected by the Monch (monk) from the Eiger (ogre).


Murren is a small town with some restaurants and hotels. As you walk the main avenue toward the Schilthorn bound cable car, you’ll come across a tree trunk with perhaps one of the best views you’ll find that day.


At the end of town, you’ll find the Schilthorn cable car. But you don’t just go straight there because there is one stop between at the Birg station where you can walk the Skyline Thrill walk. Its pretty much a platform walkway that circles the cliff.


And then there is this cylindrical fence thing that you could crawl through, but don’t look down…


After the Cliff walk, you then return to the cable car to finally arrive at the Schilthorn. Here is a miniature model of the Schilthorn area.


Since one of the James Bond movies was filmed here, there is a small James Bond museum. There is a cool simulator which you sit inside and the screen shows yourself inside of a high-speed 007 chase scene. You can also walk around outside and take some photos of the Bernese Alps, even if it’s a cloudy day.


Honestly, there isn’t much else to do up here unless you want to hike around some trails. But we were kinda tired from traveling earlier and hungry also. So we just headed back to Murren, ate at the Eiger Guesthouse restaurant, and then returned to Lauterbrunnen. If you have free time at Murren, you should take the funicular to Allmendhubel. There are some short trails around there that look nice.

One cool thing about Lauterbrunnen is that the Staubbach waterfall is within walking distance. Also, I was not aware that you could walk up a long staircase and through tunnels to get behind it, let’s go.


We headed back to the hotel and called it a day. We had to get up early for the big one tomorrow… Jungfrau: the “Top of Europe”.


Switzerland 2017 – Day 6 (part 2)

Day 6: Nachster Halt – Gornergrat

Similar to the Rothorn, the Gornergrat is another peak in Zermatt that is accessible by public transportation; you don’t need to hike to the top. Its 10,285 ft / 3,135 meters above sea level. Instead of cable cars, it’s a nice train ride to the top.


The Gornergrat is closer to the mountains and glaciers than the Rothorn. There is a hotel in the last station and so hiking paths to last you a week. Once at the top, you’ll have the view of the Grenz and Gorner glaciers without wearing any crampons.


Hey, see that highest peak in the photo below… I was just there! Feels great to say that haha. Breithorn. And the little “spike” to the right is the Klein Matterhorn station. So you know that trekking from there and back is about 4 hours. Now you have an idea of this piece of Earth in the photo.


At the top station, there is a restaurant, hotel, and gift shops. It is here that I spotted the largest Matterhorn chocolate in the world.


You can just explore for hours and enjoy the cool weather and views. The Matterhorn is still in view and always makes a good background for photos.


One station before the Gornergrat station is called Rotenboden. Whether you walk there or take the train back one stop is up to you. But I think it is here where you can find the best lake Matterhorn photo. This lake is called Riffelsee.


And you know it had to be done…


There are trails all around. From time to time, you’ll come across benches. I think that the Swiss strategically placed benches throughout the trails to inform the hiker to sit down, rest, eat a chocolate, and enjoy the views.


I wish that I was in Zermatt for at least a week. There is so much more than the touristy spots and a few trails. This will be the last time I see you Matterhorn. Thanks for not being shy and hiding in clouds all day.


Once back down from Gornergrat to Zermatt village, after a long day and relaxing at the hotel pool and hot tub, we dined at the Bubble Bar & Restaurant; perhaps the best food we’ve had in Zermatt thus far. Then we packed our bags and went to sleep early.

Goodbye Zermatt, and hello Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Murren, Grindelwald, Shilthorn, and Jungfrau! Stay tuned for Day 7, 8, and 9.


Switzerland 2017 – Day 6 (part 1)

Day 6: Nachster Halt – Breithorn summit

I thought about climbing the Matterhorn, but I’m on vacation. I figured, maybe one of the Matterhorn’s neighbors. Ah yes, the Breithorn. 13,661 feet / 4,164 meters above sea level (that rock/ice monster behind me).


The coolest thing about this mountain peak is that it is more of a glacier hike and less of climb. And the fact that the trail head is at the Klein Matterhorn cable car station is an extra bonus; just one Empire State building worth of stairs to ascend. So it’s a round trip of about 3-4 hours. Totally doable with very minimal training and a perfect mountain for your first 4000+ meter ice mountain. If you’re a good hiker and want to try on some crampons and walk up a glacier peak, this one is for you.

The day starts with a power breakfast, equipment check, and mountain forecast check. I packed some extra top layers, gloves, warm hat, glacier glasses, crampons, harness, food, 2 liters water, camera, cell phone, and sunscreen. Guess which one was most important that day…. sunscreen. Clear skies meant some serious sun. Temps are in the low 30s toward the top, so its going to be a really hot day.

I met up with the guide and mountaineering mates at the Zermatt Matterhorn paradise cable car station. We had a good chat about mountains, glaciers, and other things during our 30 minute cable car ride to Klein Matterhorn. Once we arrived, it was time to put on harnesses and rope up. The first goal is to cross the snow field. The walk is longer than it seems. Switzerland to your left, Italy to your right, snow, ice, and rock everywhere. Niiice.

By time we were close enough and the incline got steep enough, we took a break and put on the crampons. It’s quite the popular mountain around here. Numerous teams were already making their way to the peak that morning.


From here on, it’s a non-stop uphill march with only sounds of the wind, hard breathing, and ice crunching. Every part of me was wishing for a break but the team marched relentlessly. How the hell did I reach Mt Rainier’s peak 3 years ago when this 1 hour uphill was tiring me out, ugh. Maybe I’m out of shape lol. Well anyway, before you know it, you’re standing on the peak and on the Swiss-Italian border with Monte Rosa massif in front of you and the Matterhorn behind you. Pretty epic view and totally worth the morning workout.


So put your bag down and celebrate with your mountain team!


After 15 minutes, we started our descent. It’s all fun going downhill. Then we crossed over the snow-field again and boom, back to the Klein Matterhorn station and hungry for lunch. One more after picture of the mountain team before going our ways (why am I always the short one in these group photos).


On the way down the cable car to Zermatt, I was just gazing at the Breithorn mountain peak one last time. Is it just me or is it for all who experience a mountain summit? You just look for the peak and say to yourself, “yea mountain, I just trekked all over you and stood on your head not too long ago, and it was awesome, thank you”. And the other thought in my head is “so, which mountain is next?!”.

Whenever I’m on vacation, for some reason, there is little time to actually rest like its vacation. Back in Zermatt, after some quick McDonalds (yea I know but there was no time), we headed to the Gornergrat train…

Stay tuned for part 2 of Day 6.


Switzerland 2017 – Day 5

Day 5: Nachster Halt – Klein Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

As usual, you gotta start early to beat the crowds. So try to be at the Matterhorn Express cable cars before 8:30am. From Zermatt station, it’s about 30 minutes to the Klein Matterhorn (12,740 feet / 3,883 meters above sea level).


There are multiple station stops along the way starting with Furi, Schwarzee, and Trockner Steg. These stations have multiple hiking paths branching from them that can easily take up a week to explore them all. But I think you should start high and work your way down. From my experience, the weather at the peaks are better in the morning.

So once at the top station, don’t forget to layer up. It’ll be a bit chilly, and of course throw on the sunscreen and shades since everything is bright especially because of all the ice reflecting the sun. Check out the viewing platform for ultimate views and to get real close to the Breithorn (I’ll stand on you tomorrow Breithorn).

Since its freezing all year here, you’ll notice many people bringing their skis for some winter fun. And what is a winter world without a Glacier Palace. This one is a bit like the one in Mt Titlis except that there are way more ice sculptures and an ice throne which has some props for photo time.


The snow-tubing area was small so we skipped that part. Just because you’re done at the top doesn’t mean that you’re done at all. In fact, the fun just begins. Back into the cable car, one stop down to the Trockener Steg station and into a lunar-ish landscape.


You’ll immediately see a large lake and the pyramidal face of the Matterhorn. You can explore as far as you like via the Matterhorn glacier trail or just stop at the lake for photo time.

When you’re done here, you can take the cable car down to the next station called Schwarzee. If you wanted, you can hike the path all the way down to Zermatt, or you can walk to the Hornli hut (Matterhorn base camp) from here. Wherever you decide to go, the views surround you.



I came across a ski flag pole and couldn’t help myself, I’m a kung-fu junkie.


The Hotel Restaurant Schwarzee is a good spot to eat after a long walk under the sun. You can find it right next to Schwarzee station.

Well not everyday can be a perfect day. On our way down from Schwarzee, the cable cars malfunctioned and we were stuck in the cable car for over an hour. Even with a view, you kinda get pissed off about your situation. Good thing we used the bathroom (WC) before getting on the cable car.

Well, after all that, we eventually were back in Zermatt village and headed back to the hotel. We decided to head to the pool and hot tub, get some dinner, and sleep. The next day is my big day, Breithorn summit day!

Switzerland 2017 – Day 4

Day 4: Nachster Halt – Zermatt and Rothorn

Long travel day. Since we ascended Pilatus using the train, we decided to descend by completing the typical Pilatus loop via scenic cable car ride to Kreins.


From Kreins, you have to walk 10 minutes to the Luzern bus.

From Lucerne to Zermatt, you have to take 3 trains for about an hour each. Transferring trains is no joke in Switzerland. Occasionally, the schedule is such that you have about 5 minutes to navigate through a new station, identify your next train, and transport yourself and your luggage on it. The trains run on schedule and if you miss your train, it can cost you a 30-60 minute wait for the next one. Luckily, we always made it to the next train with a minute to spare at least. So from Lucerne, the trains to get you to Zermatt are the following:
– Geneve-Aeroport bound train to Bern (~1 hr)
– Brig bound train to Visp (~1 hr)
– Zermatt bound train to Zermatt (~1 hr); scenic train ride

Zermatt finally. It may not seem like it, but you’ll be 5,276 feet / 1,608 meters above sea level. I confirmed it when I tried to jog a mile and had to stop to take a breather. Although Zermatt is a no-car village, you’ll still see vehicles around but they are mostly taxis or some truck transporting something, so be mindful of your surroundings when walking on the main road.



We checked into the Parkhotel Beau Site hotel. Pricey but the pool and 2 hot tubs were worth it after walking/hiking around all day under the sun. Speaking of which, Zermatt can get hot in the summer, like 80s Fahrenheit. Since Zermatt is a winter ski village, there are no air conditions in most (or perhaps all) hotels.

So here we are in Zermatt. What’s in Zermatt. Just look up and you’ll see it. The most popular mountain in Switzerland and perhaps Europe… the Matterhorn.


The mountain of the Toblerone chocolate. No matter where you go in Zermatt, the Matterhorn is there looking down at you (unless of course you climbed to the top of it). So let’s go to the clouds and get a better view shall we.

From the edge of town, you can take a funicular to Sunnegga, then the gondola to Blauherd, and then a cable car to the Rothorn (10,184 feet / 3,104 meters above sea level). There are plenty of trails to nearby peaks with great views everywhere. On a clear day, you have the Matterhorn and surrounding mountains all around you, and the glaciers too.



There are some popular hikes to take such as the Peak Collection trail around the Rothorn, the hike to OberRothorn, and the 5 Seenweg (Lake) trail but we did not have time since the travel took up our whole morning. But I heard that these hikes are awesome and give great views for epic photos. You can look up Google Images of the OberRothorn, lake Stellisee and lake Mosjesee hikes. If it’s hot enough outside, you can even go for a swim in these lakes.

Once back at Zermatt village, on the main avenue, we stumbled across the goat parade which I found out happens multiple times per day.


And as always there are restaurants, gift shops, and chocolate shops to try. There is also a small mountaineer cemetery in Zermatt. So many Matterhorn climbers who died climbing.


I came across a tombstone with an ice axe. What? A climber from NYC, died on the Breithorn (stay tuned for the Day 6 post of my Breithorn climb). Strangely, I thought to myself that it’s the coolest tombstone I’ve ever seen.


Well it was time to eat and get some rest. Tomorrow we would get up close with the mother mountain; the Matterhorn.

Switzerland 2017 – Day 3

Day 3: Nachster Halt – Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus is 6,982 ft / 2,128 meters above sea level and dominates the sky on a clear day as it looks down upon the Lucerne. Most people make a day trip out of Pilatus. I decided to take it a step further and actually stay at the Pilatus Kulm hotel for the night.

From Lucerne, you take a 20 minute train to Alpnachstad where you arrive at the mountain’s base. From here, you ride the steepest cog railway in the world for 30 minutes to the top. So steep, that the train has a trapezoidal shape.


Sit back and enjoy the ride.


Once at the top, the clouds blocked our view entirely but eventually cleared a bit. After our bad luck with weather during Mount Titlis, it was about time we had some good weather and clear skies.

On Mount Pilatus, you could actually hike your way from the base if you wanted to, or just roam around wherever you like along the trails. There are many other paths which start from Pilatus station and hotel.


A popular hike (~90 minute round trip) is the Flower trail to the Tomlishorn. The clouds started to disappear as we walked along the trail and back; great views.



There is a 10 minute staircase path to Esel peak which is pretty cool too.


There is a 5 minute staircase path to Oberhaupt station.

And there is a 10 minute dragon path loop through a cavern under the hotel which provides a view from all sides of the mountain.


Ok, hike trails, views, blablabla, now for the real reason why people visit Mount Pilatus. The Frakigaudi summer toboggan run at Frakmuntegg which is just a 5 minute cable car ride down from Pilatus peak. Just 5 minutes from the peak exposes a whole new view of the sea level towns.


Going on a slide as a kid was ok, but imagine a kilometer long slide where you’re in control of the speed. I couldn’t take photos or video during the slide due to the 100 Franc penalty for using a camera during the toboggan run, but you can see it on YouTube. It’s really cool and worth doing twice in a row, like we did.

Since we were staying at the Pilatus hotel for the night, we ate at the hotel restaurant because well, where else can you eat. By this time (6pm), everyone is off of the mountain except for the hotel guests so we are the gods of the mountain for the night. After a nice dinner, you have a starry night view if the clouds are not in the way.

I decided to explore a bit during the following morning and came across a nearby goat squad.



It was then time to pack and prepare for a long travel day. Zermatt awaits…

Switzerland 2017 – Day 2

Day 2: Nachster Halt – Mount Titlis

Mount Titlus is 10,623 ft /3,238 meters above sea level. Engelberg is a town which serves as the gateway to Mount Titlis and just a 45 minute train ride from Lucerne. If you purchased a Swiss Travel pass, then you get a 50% discount on the cable car and Titlis Rotair rotating gondola to the Titlis mountain station. This is a popular and fun day trip in Switzerland but when the weather is not on your side, it becomes something else entirely. Remember, as you ascend, it gets cold fast, and you should start layering.


Toward the top, you can see the surrounding snow/ice capped mountains but not today. Mount Titlis peak was completely surrounded in cloud and visibility of any mountains was 0%. Also, the clouds brought an icy rain to make things more interesting. After getting off the Titlis station, we figured that the Glacier Cave was a good way to start since it is indoors. Keep in mind that walls are forever frozen in the cave so expect dress for freezing temps (wasn’t much warmer outside though).


After the cave, it was time for the Cliff Walk; the largest suspension bridge in Europe. But the weather got worse and it was just a foggy and shaky bridge walk with ice rain. Check google images for a view during better weather.


Once across the suspension bridge, you can take the Ice Flyer chair lift to Glacier Park; an area for skiing, sledding, and snow-tubing. Snow-tubing was cancelled due to bad weather but sledding was a go. Sledding was fun, but after a while in the rain, we were soaked and had to turn back. I can at least say we had the sleds to ourselves for most of the time.



There is a lake one stop down the cable car back to Engelberg called Trubsee lake which we did stop for due to the weather but let me know how it was if you’ve done it. Actually there are loads of hiking trails on the mountain but better to explore during better weather. Once at Engelberg, we had a good and well deserved Indian lunch at Spice Bazaar.

Once back at Lucerne and some free time left, we headed to see the Lion Monument. A photo can’t really show how large the stone wall and lion is but believe me, it’s quite impressive.


Not too far from the Lion monument, we came across some parade where people were dressed up in medieval times attire. I didn’t have a clue but just decided to walk along with them, lol.


Well, that’s it for today. We packed our bags for Mount Pilatus tomorrow!