Japan 2017 – Day 3

Day 3: Akihabara (秋葉原) and Tsukiji Fish Market (築地市場)
If you’re into anime, manga, video games, or anything like that, then Akihabara (Electric Town) is the place for you. A rainy day wasn’t going to stop me.





The first place we stopped at was the Square-Enix cafe. It just opened a month or 2 ago so my timing was spot on. This cafe is based on the Final Fantasy 15 game. You can sit and eat a little something, have a beverage, buy a souvenir, or all of the above. It’s small but it’s worth a stop.



There was a cool Sephiroth figure displayed. I’m a bit of a Sephiroth fan.



There are loads of arcades, electronics stores, and anime book stores to choose from. The Don Quixote stores are great for general purpose souvenir shopping. Taito arcades are fun, and so are the Sega ones. I personally like the Mario Kart game and this other taiko drum game called Taiko no Tatsujin.


There are loads of themed cafes. One caught my eye and turned out to be a spontaneous choice; the Akiba Base shooting cafe and bar. Sure you can eat/drink but I came to shoot targets. For 10 minutes, you choose 3 guns (I chose desert eagle, M4, and sniper rifle), you get a brief tutorial, and then you have to shoot multiple targets (the ammo is small pellets). This was really cool.



dscf2337 dscf2348 dscf2355 dscf2359

There is a cat cafe in the same building called cat cafe Mocha. Sure, let’s go. You get 30 minutes to be in a large area full of cats, and you can play Wii U if you want. The feeding option is totally worth it since all of the cats surround you as soon as they sense that you have treats.








Super Potato is a cool store if you’re a gamer from the 80s and 90s, like me. Trust me, walking in is like going through a warp zone into your past.





Tsukiji Fish market has loads of seafood restaurants that are all good. We went to not one, but 2 sushi restaurants. I guess that covers lunch and dinner. Gotta love sushi from the pros. Sorry about not having any photos for what we eat, it was raining a lot and I was too hungry to take photos of my food this time. However, a managed to find a restaurant chain named after me while walking to Tsukiji.


On our way back to Shinjuku, we stopped at Artnia, another Square-Enix cafe. Themed food and drinks on the menu and a larger selection of souvenirs (I had to buy that cactuar).

dscf2408 dscf2411


Almost adjusted to the time change but not quite. Sleep time at 8pm.

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