Norwegian Fjords – Day 6 and 7

Day 6: Glaciers and Geiranger

One long day. From Balestrand, we took a ferry from Hella (not too far north from Balestrand) to Dragsvik. We then continued on the road to Sogndal and eventually to Fjaerland passing by the Jostedal glacier; the largest glacier in Europe. Before reaching Skei, there is a glacier viewpoint called Boyabreen.


Continuing on, passing Utvik and before Loen, you can take a detour into a valley which leads to the Briksdal glacier. There is a good viewpoint within this valley and you’ll knowit when you see it when you spot all the parked cars and buses.

DSCF2099DSCF2104DSCF2106DSCF2112DSCF2113k (3)

One cool observation is the color of the river is almost turquoise. As you approach the glacier, there are signs that show you where the glacier used to be in the past. Let’s just say it’s almost gone. This is perhaps the clearest evidence of global warming I’ve seen. Just google “Briksdal glacier 2005 to see the big difference within 10 years”. If it was 2005, these photos would be epic but instead, all that is left is a piece of glacier sticking out from the top when it used to be a huge ice wall. Either way, it’s a touristy photo stop worth going to (before it disappears completely).

DSCF1999DSCF2029DSCF2032DSCF2034DSCF2061DSCF2067DSCF2070k (7)DSCF2070k (10)DSCF2073DSCF2091

Continuing on, passing Loen and Stryn to Hellesylt. It is here where you can board a ferry and cruise along the Geiranger fjord, possibly the most impressive of the fjords. There are waterfalls such as the Seven Sisters and the Bridal Veil. Although there’s not much water falling during the end of August.


After an hour cruising, the final stop is Geiranger. High mountains surround the town which means there are a whole lot of trails. And the views from the hotel aren’t bad either… from the jacuzzi pool.



Day 7: From Geiranger to Oslo

I could’ve stayed here for 2 days. There are trails and viewpoints all over Geiranger. The trailheads for several paths begin right at the Union Hotel. I trekked a bit in the early morning and encountered sheep and llamas. The llamas weren’t letting me pass at all and look quite creepy at dawn.


There is a good viewpoint about 15 minutes up the Geiranger mountain road.


Continuing to ascend via the Serpentine road and into the clouds, there are some seriously amazing views. My photos don’t capture the epicness of the scenery so you’ll just have to believe me.


It’s about 2 or so hours to Lillehammer. We stopped here for lunch and to check out the National team doing the ski jumping.


Another 2 hours to Oslo and this completes the circuit.

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