Norwegian Fjords – Day 4

Day 4: Bergen to the Sognefjord

From Bergen, we passed through Voss. Although we stopped at Voss for a few minutes to catch a Bergen railway train, I would’ve liked to stay here for at least a day or two. Voss is the place for the extreme sports like base jumping (I would never) and other stuff like that.


We transferred at Myrdal to get on the Flam railway. Every Norway first timer must to this one. It’s a slow descent from the mountain tops to the village of Flam. Usually there are clouds in the beginning but they clear soon enough as you descend. There is even a short stop where everyone gets off for 5 minutes to see the Kjosfossen waterfall. For some reason, there was loud music and a woman dancing in the distance. Must be part of the train ride service.


Flam village is the at the base of the Aurlandfjord; one of the many branches of the Sognefjord.


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Sognefjord is the longest and deepest fjord in Norway. When cruising the fjords, you are in between sheer mountain cliffs, snow peaks, and cascading water falls/streams. Originally, the plan was to cruise from Flam to Gudvangen via the Aurlandsfjord and Naeroyfjord but the engine failed on the ship we were on. Nothing works out 100% in life. I wish I could describe the Naeroyfjord and the drive through the Naeroy valley, Stalheim Canyon, and Vika mountains to Vangsnes. But I can’t since we ended up switching to a ferry which sailed from Flam all the way to Balestrand. Either way, we ended up sailing through the main artery of the Sognefjord, which is cool too I suppose.

DSCF1830DSCF1837DSCF1847DSCF1849DSCF1852DSCF1866k (1)DSCF1866k (22)

We stayed at the Kviknes hotel, which had some of the best buffets period. Also, the views weren’t too bad either.


It was a clear night and we saw the sunrise around 9 :30 pm. Actually, it was a moonrise.

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