Norwegian Fjords – Day 3

Day 3: From Eidfjord to Bergen

A short post. Driving at the base of the Hardanger fjord is scenic whenever you’re not in a tunnel (there are 100+ of tunnels). With hardly any ripples in the water, you can see the reflection of the mountains and sky in the water. And about halfway to Bergen, you can walk behind a waterfall called Steindalsfossen.

DSCF1611DSCF1612k (4)DSCF1613DSCF1616DSCF1619DSCF1628DSCF1630k (2)

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. It’s surrounded by mountains and gets a lot of rain. Luckily, it was a clear day. However, there were 4 cruise ships docked that day as well. One of the main areas is Bryggen Harbor which has a line of gabled packhouses. The houses make up a world heritage site due to their age and historical significance (more info on wikipedia).


DSCF1682k (1)DSCF1691

In Bergen you can walk around, eat at one of the many restaurants, and even take the funicular to Mt. Floien for the googlemaps view of the city.

DSCF1670DSCF1671DSCF1677k (5)DSCF1677k (6)

3 thoughts on “Norwegian Fjords – Day 3

    • sephiroth796 August 28, 2016 / 4:20 pm

      Thank you! I can’t take all the credit, Norway is so pretty, any amateur photographer like me can leave with good photos.

      • The Swedish Kiwi August 28, 2016 / 7:45 pm

        I definitely have to go back to Norway sometime soon. Moving back to Sweden at the end of the year, so Norway will be at the top of my list for places to visit!

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