Emerald Isle – Day 6

Day 6: The Force Awakens at the Skelligs

If anyone has seen the new Star Wars movie, then they know the last scene where Luke Skywalker is standing on an island. Well, he was actually standing on Skellig Michael, Ireland. That’s what today’s mission is. Firstly, it’s not easy to book this tour since only a few hundred people are permitted on the island each day and there are a limited number of boats. I was lucky enough to go and tell the tale.

It is a weather dependent (and seasonal) boat ride from the coast which takes about an hour. And even on a good day (which it turned out to be luckily), it is the roughest, chopiest, roller coaster of a boat ride you’ll ever have most likely. The waters here have some serious waves that even Dramamine can’t prevent some from vomiting. But don’t worry, that’s what the buckets are for. On the bright side, the boat captains are quite skillful in sailing the waves and keeping the boat as stable as possible.

So the island before Skellig Michael is Little Skellig, but it’s the home to 10,000s of birds. The peaks are not ice capped, it’s because of bird stuff.

DSCF1092k (17)

DSCF1089DSCF1092k (4)DSCF1092k (7)

Once you survive the boat ride from hell, you get an hour and half to ascend 600 or so steps to the top where the Skellig Monastery and monk beehive huts are.


DSCF1093k (5)

At the top, someone who works there will briefly explain the history of the monks who lived here once upon a time. These are some of the views.



I’d estimate that it is around the 400th step where Luke Skywalker was standing and Rey handed off his lighsaber. Many Star Wars fans were here that day but little did they know that the sith lord from NYC was present that day. Perhaps the first sith lord to wear sunglasses.


After getting back down, there was only one thing left… the dreaded boat ride back. And the waves were even bigger than before. Trust me, if you suffer from motion sickness, you will throw up your breakfast. But if you think it’s worth it, then by all means, may the force be with you.

Before departing the area of Portmagee town, we stopped at the Skellig Chocolate factory. They give some generous tastings.


Retracing our tracks from the previous day via the Ring of Kerry, we made a stop to Cancun Mexico. Actually it is Derrynane beach in Ireland.

DSCF1215DSCF1217DSCF1217k (3)

We spent the night in Kenmare right off of the Ring of Kerry.


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