Emerald Isle – Day 5

Day 5: From Dingle to the Ring of Kerry

It’s not easy to leave Dingle behind, but it’s a little easier to do so when you’re headed to the Iveragh peninsula. But before driving that far, you should spend some time at the Killarney National park. There’s enough trails to ride bikes through the park for a few hours.

DSCF0962 (2)DSCF0964DSCF0967DSCF0971DSCF0981DSCF0984

You can take a stroll to visit the Torc waterfall.


Or you can visit the Muckross Abbey.

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Afterwards, we proceeded to drive via the south portion of the Ring of Kerry which is the main road that encircles the Iveragh peninsula. From what I recall, it is just as scenic, green, and sheepy as Dingle.


Kissane sheep farm is not too far from Killarney National park and worth the visit. There is a demonstration of how the sheep master and his sheep dogs control the sheep flocks. You’ll notice that some are labeled with colored paint, but I forget the logic behind the coloring system.


There is also a sheep shearing demonstration where a hairy sheep is selected as the victim and his wool is shaved off right there in front of everyone. Poor sheep.


Sneem town made a good stop for snack and gift shopping. It is here where you can meet Puck, the most popular goat in town.


Continuing on the Ring of Kerry, we arrived at our final stop of the day, Portmagee town. It is a coastal town which means it was time to order a seafood platter. I sense a disturbance in the force… tomorrow is the big day.


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