Emerald Isle – Day 3 and 4

Day 3: From the Cliffs to Dingle

Before visiting the infamous Cliffs of Moher, we decided to revisit the Burren to check out the Poulnabrone Dolmen (megalithic tomb) and learn a bit about the ancient people who I think wikipedia will do a much better job explaining than I can.


Ok, now we head to the Cliffs of Moher; 700 ft sea cliffs. There’s not much to do except wander around, be impressed with the views, and take all the photos. There is plenty of trail to take up a half a day if you have the time. It’s quite windy though so hold on to your hats.


To drive from the Cliffs to the Dingle peninsula would require driving around the River Shannon to Limerick city, or you can ferry across it and save hours. So we ended up taking the ferry across. We stopped for lunch at the South Pole Inn not too far from the ferry stop. The restaurant theme is based on Tom Crean who was a famous Antarctic explorer from Ireland.

It doesn’t take long to reach the Dingle peninsula where there are large green hills and mountains everywhere. The Skellig hotel is scenic spot to stay for a night or 2, and a 5-10 minute walk to the main strip of restaurants and pubs. Actually, all of Dingle town is quite scenic.


And if you can, make sure to watch the music show at the church in the evening. Actually, in almost every pub at night, there is live music playing. Guitarists, fiddlers, pipers, and accordion players of all ages. There was a bar where it felt like I was standing behind an orchestra. In Dingle, everyone has musical talent.

Day 4: Dingle

With all the hills surrounding the town, who could resist. I woke up at sunrise to explore the nearby mountains before breakfast.


Kayaking in Dingle bay was next on the itinerary. As a novice kayaker, it isn’t easy navigating across the bay via kayak due to wind, but it’s all worth it when you arrive at the caves. Also if you’re lucky, you can spot Fungie the dolphin who lives there. We were lucky, but weren’t quick enough to take his photo.


Shortly after, we drove through Slea Head which is a very popular and scenic drive around the tip of the peninsula. You immediately notice that Ireland has many beaches. Beaches that are comparable to Caribbean beaches, just not tropical.


There are plenty of parking stops on the Slea Head drive which serve as view points such as Dunquin Pier and Coumeenoule beach. We only had 2 hours but I could’ve easily took a day or more to explore it in full. The tallest mountain in Dingle is Mt Brandon; around 3K+ ft. If there was time, I would’ve surely attempted it. The trail head is 6 miles north from Dingle town.


This was a clever photo


With some time before dinner, I decided to simply wander the shores toward an old tower near the Skellig hotel.


And of course, when in Dingle, eat good food and visit a pub for live music.

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