Emerald Isle – Day 1 and 2

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – St. Augustine

Ireland doesn’t seem like a place one would normally choose for a summer vacation. But when US east coast is going through a heat wave, it then seems like a great idea. In Ireland, it rarely reaches the mid 70s. Even if that wasn’t the case, Ireland has much to offer. As I researched a 3 day itinerary, it became difficult to fit everything in 9 days. So this is how it all played out.

Just a few things to remember when traveling to Ireland in the summer. Bring a rain jacket, good boots, and layer clothes for the weather. Bring a converter for charging electronics. And prepare for a lot of music, pubs, sheep, and green.

Day 1: Dublin

Dublin reminds me of Boston, but with more pubs and tourists, and hardly any tall buildings. There are the usual spots that most people visit such as Trinity College and St Patrick’s Cathedral.


There are other spots you can check out such as Dublin Castle and Christ Church Cathedral.



I thought the Samuel Beckett (Harp) bridge was interesting and unique.


The place to be would have to be anywhere near Grafton street. It’s where many of the shops, restaurants, pubs, and people are. There’s even the Stephen Green shopping center just in case you forgot to pack something.


Cities are cool and all but there’s much more to see and do outside of the city.

Day 2: From Dublin to the West Coast

We began our 1 week tour of the west coast of Ireland and some additional highlights in between. It takes about a few hours to drive to Galway. Somewhere on the way, there is the Kilbeggan Whiskey Distillery; Ireland’s oldest distillery. This is whiskey country after all.


Galway is a popular small city and makes a good spot for eating/shopping and a good launch spot for several tours. It can rain anytime and suddenly in Ireland. I learned that lesson in Galway.


Ireland has plenty of castles that are still in good shape after 100s of years. Not too far from Galway is Kinvara village where you can visit Dunguaire castle. There is a small museum inside. You can also go to the top or walk around for some views and stuff.



On the way to our hotel, we drove through the Burren region which is a hilly area made of limestone; a lunar landscape without the greenery. We decided to check it out on foot during the following day though.


The town of Ballyvaughan was our final destination of the day. You can walk on the pier for some views and even come across donkeys just roaming around.


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