Building the running engine again

I’m not one of those people who misses the Winter when it’s the Summer. I actually never wanted it to end. A typical NYC winter has its 30 degree days, but there are enough 40-50 degree days scattered throughout; the perfect weather.


If you’re a runner, then I know you’ve been taking a beating during this week’s heat and humidity. At the end of a hot weekday run session, I typically stop at the closest grocery store to buy a Gatorade. Since I’m the sweatiest person they’ve seen all week, dripping on their floor, and exhaustion all over my face, the reaction is usually the same. “Is there a gym nearby”?, “Is it raining”?, “What were you doing out there”? The answer is always the same, “I was just running”.

This would be week 3 of my 21 week NYC marathon training program. It’s quite simple. All run sessions take place all over the streets of New York (mostly Queens and Manhattan); the Earth is my treadmill. No running on Fridays, three 6-8 mile run sessions between Monday and Thursday, and one long run on the weekend. And if possible, some cross training in between. The long run mileage gradually increases each week and is based on last year’s TFK training schedule. On average, this routine consumes 5 hours of the week. After a few weeks, you forget what it feels like to not have your muscles tired from the previous workout. You never really get a break. Marathons are for those who like pain or numb to it.


Training Report:
My performance isn’t what it used to be. Prior to the Spring months of shin splints and stress fracture, my average pace was below 8:30. Now I’m lucky if I reach 9:00. But I’m just glad to run without pain again. I’m using my calfs like never before with these minimalist sneakers. The goal is to build them up and get back to 8:30 and below.

RunDate Distance Pace Comments
June 16 Sunday 8.05 9:24 All that cruise food still being digested…
June 18 Tuesday 6.78 9:14 Slowly getting there
June 20 Thursday 6.20 9:30 Running in the rain is the best!
June 22 Saturday 8.27 8:50 Ran with the wolf-pack!
June 24 Monday 6.35 9:00 Yay, back to 9:00
June 25 Tuesday 6.22 9:34 Oof
June 27 Thursday 6.24 9:04 Didn’t even feel like running that day 

Random Thoughts
Halfway through 2013. Traveled a bit, ran about 10 races, and finally got rid of my Android Galaxy S1. So far, Star Trek and World War Z are on my top 2013 movie list. For the PS3, the games of the year so far would have to be Tomb Raider and The Last Of Us (currently playing), with Metal Gear Rising in 3rd place.

I’ve downloaded quite a few Apps this year, Starbounder was my favorite and kept me occupied for weeks. Its addictive, challenging, has tilt controls (coolest part), techno soundtrack, and I finally finished all 60 levels. You’re basically this hover craft thing speeding through these 3-D obstacle courses. 

In regards to training for the NYC marathon again, I’m actually not as excited as last year. Perhaps that will all change when October arrives and there is just a few weeks left to the big race; the race that inspired my blog. Maybe its time to seek out an additional hobby, time permitting.

2 thoughts on “Building the running engine again

  1. Run To Munch July 1, 2013 / 1:56 pm

    This weather is brutal. I am starting to finish the NYC marathon is in December instead!

  2. Dominick S. July 1, 2013 / 2:30 pm

    Ha the Golem pic is pretty funny, I read it in his voice (in my head). Your pace is great, don’t start focusing on speed during marathon training, as they say, it’s a marathon not a sprint! Although one run, probably your Wednesday one, should be done at Race Pace, not 5k race pace but marathon goal pace. Glad to hear your minimalist shoes have decreased your injuries, your running form has probably changed for the good, and that is awesome and inspiring!

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