Warm weather cometh

No more gloves, hats, or tights under the shorts. 45-50 degrees is the cutoff point for me. If only it could stay this way all year, but it doesn’t. Muggy summer will be here soon enough, so I have to make the most of this transition period. Well somehow, I booked 5-6 races for April including the Spartan race. My bib snake should be a 4-5 feet long after this month.

Thanks to the warmer weather, the wolf pack gang had a west side 11 mile run reunion. The same group that ran the substitute NYC marathon with me in November. We caught up on 4 months of stories and future plans for running, racing, and life. As usual, I’m the slowest of the pack, but then again we were running 7:30 pace for a few miles (the pace at which I’m not much of a talker, more of a heavy breather). Anyway, this was a good prelude to those early Saturday/Sunday marathon training runs for the summer. Matt (one of the wolfpack) suggested a 10K race in Roosevelt Island on March 30th. I signed up last minute and here is a story of a runner who ran the WRONG race.

NYCRUNS Spring Fling 5K/10K @ Roosevelt Island
March 30th, 2013.

With the weather going above 50 degrees, I only wore shorts and 2 top layers for a change. Me and Matt found the mob of runners waiting at the start line, and then bang, the race began. Matt was running below 7:30 pace but I managed to stay around 5-15 seconds behind him throughout the race, but not so sure I could maintain this pace throughout. By the end of the 3rd mile, people were sprinting passed us, why? This is the halfway point right? Shouldn’t they be preserving that for the 6th mile?

After passing the 3.1 mile marker, we realized that we actually crossed a finish line. Huh? Many confused runners were looking at eachother trying to figure out what just happened. It turns out that the 10K race was just about to start. Damn, I could’ve totally PR-ed at that pace for another 3.1 miles. Well, I wasn’t about to run 2 more island loops for the 10K. I had plans to run a new route home anyway.


After a quick bathroom break, we decided to run with the 10K mob for 2 miles until we reached the bridge to exit off the island. We had some strange looks when we entered the race at some random spot which wasn’t the starting line. After running beside 2 runners who were cursing back and forth (which almost turned into a fight), we “escaped” the island into Queens, and then parted ways. Off I went on a brand new journey through Astoria, Laguardia Airport, and Flushing, keeping the East River to my left. After 10 miles, my legs were toast and I was totally dehydrated (the face is proof).


Training Report:

RunDate Distance Pace Comments
Mar 23 Saturday 10.8 8:20 The wolf pack runs are back
Mar 26 Tuesday 6.21 8:13 Supposed to be an easy run, then started out at 7:17 pace, lol
Mar 30 Saturday 3.1 7:40 Good thing this wasn’t the only thing planned
Mar 30 Saturday (2) 1.5-2 8:00-9:00 I totally didn’t care about recording this but it still counts
Mar 30 Saturday (3) 10.38 8:43 I have to start drinking more fluids for the warmer weather

Random Thoughts
4 days left until the Cherry Blossom 10-mile race in Washington DC. Might as well turn it into a weekend trip. The weather forecasts 60 degrees during that weekend, nice.

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