Post-blizzard jogging

Well, not much of a blizzard on Friday night in NYC; about 6 inches maximum and we’re serious about salting and plowing snow here. The Nemo storm ended up being a storm to the grocery stores for those who are easily frightened by the news. I figured Saturday wouldn’t be a good day for my long weekend run, but Sunday definitely.

So Sunday, I immediately found myself avoiding sidewalks due to piles of snow and ice, especially on the sidewalk-street transitions. Surprisingly, I didn’t slip once for 12+ miles; ninja skills. Most of the weekend running route is on roads, but eventually ends near Flushing park which was looking icefield-ish. Why was my usual 13.1 mile route cut short you may ask? Maybe because I had to pass through large piles of icy snow. But then, I sank waist deep in the snow, that’s why. Looking to my right, I could hear the ducks laughing at me.


It’s cool how half of the lake was frozen. I just took a few pictures and just jogged the last mile home with snow in my sneakers.

Training Report:
And the weekly summary.

RunDate Distance Pace Comments
Feb 5 Tuesday 6.02 8:21 Steadiest pace ever, every mile within 8:16-8:33
Feb 7 Thursday 6.03 8:26 Last mile was tougher, must be the kung-fu training on Wednesday
Feb 10 Sunday 12.21 8:51 Not bad considering all the snow, ice, and puddle lakes
Feb 12 Tuesday 6.52 8:34 Still some blizzardness on the ground slowing me down

Random Thoughts
Registering for local races have become addicting. My calendar has a race booked almost every weekend, so there should be plenty of stories to share. My new thing this year is to create a race bib snake. Speaking of snakes, it’s the year of the snake for Chinese New year.

My kung-fu school (Ying Jow Pai – Eagle Claw) is performing the usual show. I may have performed double sabers last year (in this post), but haven’t been training much this year since running took over my training life during the past 8 months. So, I’ll be a spectator for once and support my kung-fu brothers who will be swinging swords, thrusting spears, twirling staffs, and performing other acrobatics.

And it’s a 3-day weekend, the last one for a few months. I pre-ordered “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for PS3 which comes out Monday (my day off). The trailer makes it look epic! I may have call in sick on Tuesday for this one.

4 thoughts on “Post-blizzard jogging

  1. PDX Running Chick February 13, 2013 / 5:49 pm

    Registering for races can be addicting, but there are worse addictions. . . . like possibly the PS3 when it causes you to call in sick to work! 😉 Enjoy your three day weekend. I will be working on Monday so I’m quite jealous!

    • sephiroth796 February 13, 2013 / 6:01 pm

      Yes, I’m an addict. I think everybody has something that they would call in sick for. At least there should be considerably less traffic on Monday.

    • sephiroth796 March 1, 2013 / 7:46 am

      I won’t be able this year unfortunately. The race gave me my fastest Half race time and intend to do it again in 2014 most likely. Boston’s great for a memorial weekend getaway.

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