From 80 to 20 degrees

After arriving back from Hawaii, the green and blue views were now grey and white. Before stepping outside the airport, I quickly threw on some jeans over my shorts and 3-4 layers of shirts over my light jacket. A 9-10 hour straight flight, and it’s almost 7am!? With one hour of sleep on the plane, me and my wife knocked out for about 6 hours. I woke up and thought to myself, “its been almost 2 weeks of vacation, now its time for a 2 hour run in the cold”. That 6 hour nap should be enough to properly acclimate to late January in NY from HI. And out I went, the lone wolf in the sunset. I should be happy about finishing in less than an hour and 50 minutes, but it may be too good to be true. My GPS was tracking me a bit weird (mile 11 had a 5:58 pace for example). I’ll just conclude that it was an exact 1:50:00 run time. The only way to be truly satisfied with a race time is finishing actual races.


Off to the Races:
Out I went on a 25F degree day for the NYRR Gridiron 4 miler race in Central Park. I felt strong, bouncing at the start line. 31 minutes was my goal (7:45 pace at least). Mile 1 was a 7:24 pace, yes. Mile 2 was a 7:19 pace, yes again! I started to wear out at mile 3, 8:06 pace. Then I was passed by a 4th grader, Oh Hail Naw! Mile 4 was a 7:32 pace (still didn’t catch up to that kid, he will be a champion one day). And with no energy to speed up at the finish line, I just crossed it like whatever man.

Total time = 30:34.
973 place out of 5596, 83% percentile.
Jon is very pleased, but must get better.

It was still early, and I was finally warmed up, so running home from Central Park seemed to make the most sense. Over the Queensborough bridge, through Northern Blvd, then 34th avenue, right turn at Citi Field into Flushing Meadows park. But then the strangest feeling came over me, like never before and had to stop running immediately. I had to poo real bad and actually began to find hiding spots. But before anything like that, the feeling went away, and I just ran 2 miles home before it was too late. Oh my God, that was such a close call, whew. No more post-race cinnamon raisin bagels for me.

Spartan Sprint Race:
April 13 is the day where Jon becomes a Spartan. It’s a 5K distance with 15 obstacles. Obstacles like wire jumping and crawling at an incline, wall climbing, throwing javelins, heavy objects carrying, cement block dragging, rope traversing, stair hopping, and gladiator dudes with pugil sticks blocking the finish. The race is at Citi Field; how could I pass this up when it’s so close to home. If I can combine my running skills with my kung-fu skills, then I have a chance at doing well here. THIS IS SPARTA!

Training Report:
Pretty much a summary of the above.

RunDate Distance Pace Comments
Jan 27 Sunday 13.1 8:20 Is it a PR? For now, but a Half marathon race will decide
Jan 31 Thursday 6.01 8:29 I had to get one run session in before the big weekend
Feb 3 Sunday 4.00 7:39 Yes, 4 miles in a half hour! I had to pee bad
Feb 3 Sunday 8.37 8:23 2 miles left but you know why I had to stop
Feb 3 Sunday 2.02 9:23 survived

Random Thoughts
5 races scheduled between now and April’s end and many more finish lines to cross. Reflecting back a year ago in this post, I haven’t touched coffee in a year; I don’t miss it at all. Also, a year ago, I ran my farthest at that time; 15 miles (but it took 2 hours and 30 minutes). Back then, I gave zero craps about how fast the pace was. Its funny what can change in a year. Now I’m obsessed with the pace. The miles just fly by as you continuously maximize your speed with respect to hills and street obstacles (cars, bikes, people, dogs, puddles, ice, wind, dog/goose poo, rain, snow, bug swarms, hurricane damage, and other natural disasters).

2 thoughts on “From 80 to 20 degrees

  1. PDX Running Chick February 6, 2013 / 11:04 am

    Jon, you have grown so much as a runner over the last year! It’s a joy to read your posts, thank you! I laughed out loud when you were passed by the 4th grader. I’m passed regularly, by children AND “old” people! 🙂 The Spartan race sounds interesting. Scary but fun. Good luck at all the races you have coming up! As always I’m cheering for you!!

    • sephiroth796 February 6, 2013 / 11:27 am

      Thanks PDX, looking back, I think my writing is also getting better (I couldn’t write for me life). You know whats funny, I was hoping for good pictures of me from the paparazzi on the race course. When I saw the pics online, guess which kid was next to me in the picture. I hope your Vernonia marathon training is going well.

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