Starting 2013 with a bang

Bang! For the rest of the year, if I don’t feel the rage like Asura (below) during a training session, then I didn’t train hard enough. 


So I signed up for a few races within the next 4 months (none of which are marathons or half-marathons). One race already happened; the Joe Kleinerman 10K race in Central Park.

Race Time:
Out I went on a 32F degree day for an 8AM Saturday 10K race. This would be my first offical 10K race by the way, eventhough I’ve been running 10Ks twice a week for 2 years. I could run a 10K in my sleep, but running a 10K at huff-and-puff pace always kicks my ass. What was my motivation and goal for this 10K race? To run 6.2 miles under 50 minutes! That requires something like running an 8:00 pace throughout. I never pulled that off before but came close a few times. The traffic stops in my hood certainly add an additional 1-2 minutes to my total time. Well, there is none of that in a race (except for mile 1 when you have to swerve past the “run-for-fun” runners who aren’t concerned with a race time).

Central Park hills are no joke. By mile 3, the gloves already came off. I wanted to just take a walk break after the Harlem hill so badly. And there was this girl who was running side by side with me for 2-3 minutes. At one point she glances at me, then her watch, and then speeds up (I couldn’t catch up to her again). Perhaps she thought if a guy like me is keeping up with her, then she must not be running fast enough, lol. Maybe I have the face of a slowpoke. As every mile passes, the time reminds you that you have to either maintain your speed or just freakin speed up. For each mile, seconds actually matter, how stressful is that!? So, did I reach my goal? I finished in 50:12 minutes. Missed the goal by 12 freaking seconds! Whatever, its still a record finish I think. 929th place out of 3144, 70th percentile, thats good enough for Jon.

Training Report:
Aside from the 50 minute 10K goal, the other goal is a 1 hour/50 minute Half marathon. Its possible, but it sucks so hard when you’re minutes or seconds away from the time goal after a tough running session.

RunDate Distance Pace Comments
Jan 3 Thursday 6.03 8:42 Didn’t want to go all out since a 10K race was in 2 days
Jan 5 Saturday 6.2 8:06 Jon is pleased with the outcome (refer to Race Time section)
Jan 7 Monday 13.05 8:46 The night wolf runs 13 miles under the stars
Jan 12 Saturday 13.11 8:33 I was so close to a 1:50 Half, stupid calf cramp at mile 9
Jan 14 Monday 5:66 8:18 I was trying to top my 10K race PR on a training run, foolish.

Speed Jams (tunes to run that sub 8 min/mile pace):
The theme for this post is tunes from classic movies:

    Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone (from Top Gun)
    Mortal Kombat – Reptile Theme
    Blade 1 – Blood Rave
    Bloodsport – Triumph
    Am I forgetting one?

Random Thoughts
If you didn’t know by now, I’m quite a video game freak. You’re never to old to play video games. Eventhough nothing tops the classics, there are still a chosen few that have impressed me lately. In 2011, Uncharted 2 (PS3) was the game of the year for me; I don’t own an X-Box 360 by the way. I haven’t had a chance to try out many games during 2012, but I must mention Asura’s Wrath. It can be completed in 6 hours and its like playing one long anime movie. Just youtube some fight scenes like Asura vs Ryu or Asura vs Akuma.

2 thoughts on “Starting 2013 with a bang

  1. Dominick S. January 15, 2013 / 12:46 pm

    Man, you are so close! You will get it. Next time do an even shorter run a few days before race day. Do you do interval training at all? You don’t have to do a ton to get faster but it will help build up your speed and you will destroy 50 minutes with the mileage you put in! You will achieve both PR’s in 2013.

    • sephiroth796 January 15, 2013 / 3:06 pm

      I sometimes sprint for a minute after a training run (I held a 6:00 pace for a minute once). Dedicating a day in the week for just interval training is a great idea, thanks man. A whole year to shave off a few minutes, only a runner could relate.

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