5 Bridge Extravaganza

Well this has been a postless month. I can’t say anything interesting has been going on with me and running these days. I can confirm that my new quest for speed is in the works. As the weather touches the thirties, the runs reduced to 2-3 per week. I haven’t run with the wolf pack since that fateful day where we ran 26.2. Atleast the holidays are near and I can get some days off of work. To get out of the everyday routine, I designed a route (December 15) that would be enjoyable, memorable, and challenging. Imagine running five bridges in one session, doesn’t that sound like a great idea? The lone wolf does it again.


From Queens to Brooklyn via the Pulaski bridge (B1), from Brooklyn to Manhattan via the Williamsburg bridge (B2), from Manhattan to Brooklyn via the Manhattan bridge (B3), from Brooklyn to Manhattan via the Brooklyn bridge (B4), from Manhattan to Queens via the Queensboro bridge (B5). This was perhaps one of the most scenic routes I’ve ever run. I recommend for runners to come up with new routes at least once a month; its somewhat refreshing.


The 5 Bridges route
Throughout all the traffic light stops, I managed to maintain a 8:49 pace during this 40 degree Saturday morning 17 miler. B1 was the warm-up bridge. You get a clear view of the NYC skyline on your right. Running in Brooklyn is always something new for me so I made sure to write down some directions, but it was mostly a straight path this time. B2 was a great way to see the rest of the route; B3 and B4 to my left, B5 to my right. You can’t help but think, wow, I’m going to run all of that!? Hell yes. Running through Chinatown isn’t the greatest but you have to make the best of it by swerving around everyone and everything. B3 was where I started to feel it, a bridge is quite a hill you know. Also, it can get quite lonely on a bridge. Sometimes I imagined the wolf pack running beside me. It wasn’t long until I was on B4, a New York favorite. 4 down and one more to go. Back in Chinatown, but B5 is on 59th street east; miles away. If you get lost in the city, you have to just remember that its a big rectangle. After losing my way for a few minutes, I decided to just head east until I reached the FDR and East river, and kept north until B5. 1st avenue is the worst going in this direction by the way; hilly like the bridges. And finally B5, you know I had a big finish running down that bridge, zoom! Overall, this was one of my best 17 mile performances with a few sub 8 paced miles. I felt strong enough to have keep going but I’m not a masochist.

Training Report:

RunDate Distance Pace Comments
Nov 28 Wednesday 6:11 8:06 Splits: [7:55,8:13,8:08,8:43,7:59,7:29]
Dec 2 Sunday 13.11 8:30 Total time 1:51:23 (PR for a Half)
Dec 4 Tuesday 6.02 8.27 A little pain in my left leg
Dec 9 Sunday 8.55 8:20 Long run cut short; caught in freezing rain
Dec 11 Tuesday 5.68 8:17 A good one
Dec 13 Thursday 6.66 8:37 A recovery run, with an evil number of miles run

Speed Jams (tunes to run that 7 min/mile pace):
How about a new section to my posts? Its a fact that certain tunes/jams will get you amped and push you to run faster even if you are feeling fatigued. You’ll soon learn that I listen to any genre and intend to post one or two in every future post. I recall these during the bridges.

    3 Doors Down – Kryptonite (oldie)
    Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound

Random Thoughts
Another great section to add since I have thoughts other than running everywhere. I recommend LOTR fans to watch “the Hobbit”. The critics were really harsh and I don’t usually disagree with their opinions, but this one is an exception.

So the end of the world on Friday December 21, 2012, yes or no? From an astrological standpoint, celestial bodies will align in such a way that has not happened in 26,000 years. Also, earth will complete the “precession of the equinoxes“ or earth’s wobble. Know of any civilizations going that far back, I don’t. Does life on Earth have a 26,000 year cycle? Another Ice Age? Whatever happens, I’m not going to work that day. Lastly, I was thinking about other 5 bridge routes. One thing is certain, new routes make the miles go faster somehow.

Happy holidays everyone!

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