The Hurricane week

Where to begin. Perhaps at the beginning of the week when all was peaceful in NYC. I had a good run Monday night while keeping in mind that these are the taper weeks. I had a small business trip from Wednesday to Thursday, to Boston! After a 4 hour train ride and a 5 hour training session, we dined at the Union Oyster House; great seafood. I made sure to store up the carbs for my Thursday morning Boston running tour.

Although 10 degrees colder than NYC, I didn’t mind, the weather and views were great. With so many possible routes to run and so much to see, when is the next business trip to Boston?

This “Y” bridge is so cool, running under it, even cooler.

Running along with the Charles River to my right during Fall foliage; awesome.

It’s the man on the dollar bill and 25 cent coin.

Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff
We all knew that a storm was coming Sunday night, but runners will run until we can’t. Since hurricane Sandy wasn’t here yet, the show must go on. Off I went to run a 5 mile race with the TFK; most of us dressed up since its Halloween season. Running with the wolf pack as usual, we had the Peter Pan crew, a vampire doctor, Cat in the Hat, and one coach in a full body Gumby suit!


Hurricane Sandy
I was thinking it would be another Irene, but this was more like 2 Irenes. NYC took a beating, as you could see in the news. The storm pushed waters higher than ever causing floods in shoreline areas (all boroughs). The winds ripped trees from the roots taking the concrete slabs and street signs with them. Unusual events too; a water tanker ship was pushed ashore in Staten Island, an electrical transformer explosion downtown, Brooklyn battery tunnel flooded, a whole exterior of a building wall (several floors) tore off making it look like a huge doll house, and quite a few fatalities. For the first time, public schools were closed for 3 days in a row and even the NYSE had to shut down. The subways are flooded; nobody can go anywhere except by car, biking, or on foot.

I’m one of the lucky ones since I didn’t lose power, but I’m sure that 100K+ people lost theirs. Everyone has a story to tell; my story is quite simple. I stayed home while watching the news and episodes of the Walking Dead on Netflix. The day after, I decided to take a jog and survey my area; Forest Hills. My running routes were all blocked either by huge trees or water. Keep in mind, other areas suffered far worse.

Despite all this, NY-ers are tough, and we’ll just figure out ways around it. Througout this week, there has been discussions about whether or not to have the NYC marathon. It won’t be easy with all the transportation problems, floods, and power outages with less than a week left. Let’s see how this all plays out.

One thought on “The Hurricane week

  1. PDX Running Chick October 31, 2012 / 11:57 am

    Glad you’re safe. Good luck to you!! 🙂 I know you’ll do great!

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