3 weeks left to marathon day

It’s been about 2 years since this running thing started. I can still recall my first attempt at a mile. As fit as I thought I was, it was a fail. After 10 blocks, the 26 mile dream was crushed instantly. Running a half marathon was something I could possibly pull off but never a whole marathon. Why? That’s for the crazies.

After a half-year of running 6 miles twice per week and slowly building the mileage to 9 then 12, I felt ready. Speed was never a thing for me, 10 min/mile pace was my comfortable pace. I can still recall my first half marathon race; the Brooklyn Half. Finished in 2:04, and it was my fastest ever. The only thought going through my mind at the finish line was “Wow I did it, but NEVER AGAIN”. Somehow that feeling was quickly forgotten, and I signed up for 3 more half marathon races that year and felt the same at the finish line every time, like I enjoy torturing myself, like this is as good as it gets for me. I then doubted myself. Is this the extent of my strength, of my resolve, of my drive to prosper? Why did I even start? What was the stimulus which made me go outside to run 10 blocks that first day? To run the NYC marathon, to be one of those people, to cross the finish line and feel the glory.

In December 2011, running the NYC marathon became my new year’s resolution and I then started this blog around that time. I’ve struggled ever since (most of my posts will clearly show my joys, pains, and frustrations). I fought against myself, to be more than I was, to be more than I thought I could be. Without much experience or guidance, I went out and ran like a fool with a dream. Injuries came and went, but I kept on. I jogged, I blogged, repeat. 

By May 2012, my performance was improving a bit. I avenged my younger self in the Brooklyn Half race and finished in 1:56! But this is only 13 miles, my 17+ mile performance was horrible. It always took about 3 hours; a painful 3 hours. How the hell could I run 10 more miles after such a beating. And the most important thing, could I even enjoy the journey at the same time?

Thanks to the TFK coaches and the wolf pack group, I’ve learned to train properly and increased my performance further. I feel more powerful, faster, and the injuries are a thing of the past. After surviving the brutal training in the summer heat, the results are better than expected. October 8, 2012: (in the rain) I ran 17 miles in 2:33; a 25 minute reduction, and I enjoyed the entire journey!

There is one last test, the 22 miler, the peak of the training! Stay tuned for that post.

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