Two months left till the NYC marathon

September is the peak of the training, the month of 20 milers.  My sneakers passed away last week; rest in peace old friends. They lived to be 600+ miles old. Today I’m running with the Mizuno Wave runner 15s.

Monday: 7.61 miles @ 9:17 min/mile pace. Not bad, for the first test run with the new sneakers.

Wednesday: 7.16 miles @ 8:53 min/mile pace. It’s always a good day when I can run below 9 min/mile pace (and one mile less than 8 min/mile)

Thursday: 6:54 miles @ 10:12 min/mile pace. It was the night of the blue moon. I managed to touch the moon around mile 5. This took quite a few shots to get right and totally ruined my time, but thats ok.

Saturday (Long-Run): 13.22 miles @ 9:42 min/mile pace. This was perhaps one of my worst half marathon training runs of all time. Why? The freakin love affair between the heat and humidity. I should’ve left earlier, like around 7am, but decided to start at 9am. Running in the summer is dangerous sometimes.

First 10K: Mile 1 was the warmup uphill mile, and then just flew through the next 4. At the end of mile 6, I treated myself to a 16 ounce bottled water and a GU gel to recharge. I should’ve drank 3 more! Off I went on the return trip like a happy running fool.

Last 10K: Mile 7,8 went by. Why I am so tired?! Mile 9 already feels like mile 13. With 4 miles left, I was seriously considering taking the bus but too nasty and sweaty to be around humans. You know you’re tired when people look at you and give you that expression of “dammit man, you look like crap, you must be crazy to be running out here during this blazing heat, but I admire your effort and strong will”. Eventually I was across the street from my house looking like a confused sweaty malnourished puerto rican:

Theres nothing like treating yourself to anything you want to eat after burning 1500+ calories. I felt better after a power nap and a half gallon of water. Next weekend is the true test of will and mental strength; the 20 miler!

3 thoughts on “Two months left till the NYC marathon

  1. Run To Munch September 4, 2012 / 11:36 pm

    I always try to do a long run with a race and I always end up being to drained to keep running past the finish line.

    I’ve been losing buckets of water in this heat as well. I guess all runners feel a little happy for the fall and cooler days.

    Also 600 miles? I must do something wrong, I destroy mine in 400 miles! I should check out mizunos.

    Great week of training!

  2. Run To Munch September 13, 2012 / 9:26 pm

    I’m waiting for your 20 miler recap! Hope all is well.

    • sephiroth796 September 14, 2012 / 6:32 am

      Such a busy week, haven’t had time to blog at all :(. You can expect the new post today most likely.

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