Running with the wolfpack now

That’s right, I’m WOLF status now. It only took a month and a half of sweating, struggling, and stressing. Throughout the month of fasting, I managed to keep up with the training but the real training starts now! No more elevators, no more slacking, no more lazy days, no more excuses (because there are no excuses).

Monday: 5.32 miles @ 9:08 min/mile pace. As usual, a good performance after 2 days rest, Jon is pleased thus far.

Tuesday: 2.88 miles @ 10:38 min/mile pace. Huh?

Thursday: 5.65 miles @ 9:54 min/mile pace. Resting makes such a difference, perhaps I should just cross train on those off days. This would be the longest run while fasting; almost a 10k. And this would be the last training run during fasting too. From now, the weekdays will be 7-8 miles with the proper hydration and GU gels.

Saturday: 12.38 miles @ 8:02 min/mile pace via the NYC Summer Streets route.
There is only 3 times in the year (all during August) that you can run Park Avenue from 72nd street Central park all the way to Brooklyn Bridge and back, with NO cars. This was really cool, even though it rained heavily throughout. Yep, I’ve never run in rain like this before and non-stop for almost 2 hours. Were we the only crazy ones running in the rain? Hell no, hundreds of runners and bikers were on Park Avenue from 7am-9am avoiding puddles and squeezing out water from their shirts. For once it wasn’t so hot or humid, I’ll take this rain any day. The route was a back-n-forth between Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge.

When I got there, it was such a light drizzle, perhaps it would stop soon I thought. Silly me. As usual, I join the wolf pack (the fastest group of runners in our TFK group). The skies clear up slightly, I have a good feeling about today. And it begins…

Mile 1,2,3: (9:18,8:28,7:20) As soon as we entered Park Avenue, the clouds changed their minds and decided to unload the super soakers, goodbye drizzle. After trying to avoid puddles, I eventually stepped in a pool of water by accident. But then again, who cares, I’m already soaked at this point. My sneakers are swish swashing and remain this way till the very end. We pass by my office building on 53rd street, then we pass Grand Central station and just run right through it.

I guess the wolf pack is getting excited because the pace picks up dramatically. I soon noticed that cars still need to get across somehow, so there were traffic lights to stop for every now and then. I figured that this could be used to my advantage if I begin to lag behind. I could catch up to the wolf pack while they wait for red lights to turn green. Lets see how this plays out.

Mile 4,5,6: (7:50,8:55,8:06) 34th street, 23rd street, 14th street Union Square, NoHo, NoLita, Little Italy, Brooklyn Bridge. All in 25 minutes. And if it wasn’t for the traffic light stops, I wouldn’t have been able to keep up, I’m breathing heavier than the rest of them. We reach Brooklyn bridge (the halfway point) and the clouds are not finished raining on us. The craziest thing is that the wolf pack never stops for water, not once. Perhaps hydration isn’t necessary since its raining? But one thing is certain in my mind. Staying with the wolves is more important than water at this point. We are halfway there! Maybe they will keep the pace steady for me.

Mile 7,8,9 (7:23,???,???) Oh God. Was the last 6 miles a warmup? The pace picked up even more. There I was, lagging behind the group by Houston street, without a pack, the lone wolf. But remember the traffic lights. There is still a chance, don’t give up Jon. Mile 8 and 9 didn’t register correctly but I’m pretty sure the pace remained speedy. About every 15-20 blocks, the wolf pack gained 2-3 blocks on me, but I would gain it all back once they stopped at a traffic light. All this meant was that they get breaks, and I don’t. Keep in mind that there were no water stops, maybe I should just drink rain.

Mile 10,11,12 (8:36,7:55,8:55) By now they would gain 3 blocks, and I could catchup only 2. Although the group is still in sight , the gap was widening a block or two per mile. Just like last week, I snap again. My eyes wide open and teeth clenched, the wolf in me comes out. The rain is heaviest now, drops are just hitting me in the face and eyes. I sprint every few blocks. Aaooo (wolf noise)! I use it all, everything I have, everything I am and everything I’m not, as if the world would explode and everyone would die if I didn’t succeed in catching up to the others. Block after block, mile after mile, closer, closer. By central park, I caught up to them at the final traffic light. I DID IT, I’M A WOLF! I’m so happy, a feeling never felt during training in such a long time. I celebrated this victory at a Seafood buffet ( with my #1 fan; my wife.

Next week, it’s going to be an 18 mile training run!

One thought on “Running with the wolfpack now

  1. PDX Running Chick August 20, 2012 / 3:14 pm

    Nicely done, Jon. Congrats on staying with your pack. When running in rain the thing to keep at the forefront of your mind is that you will only get SO wet so jump in the first puddle you see and quit wasting time trying to avoid them. This from someone who runs in rain more often than not 🙂 Have a great week!

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