Alaskan summer

I know, its been such a long time since the last post (almost forgot all about my blog). And before I forget, here are a few shots from the Boston Half run to remember via the Brightroom site.

I booked an Alaskan cruise for my 2 year wedding anniversary. It would’ve been nice to explore Seattle a bit, but there wasn’t enough time and was lucky enough to get a few shots of the space needle and the city at least. So the 7 day voyage began. The views started immediately. I’ve never seen so many snow capped mountains before, and it was just the beginning. By the way, there is no faster way to gain weight than during a day at sea on a cruise ship. When there isn’t much to do on the ship, there is only one option, eat. For someone who doesn’t gain weight ever, I came back 3 pounds heavier, and this was including 3 treadmill 10Ks sessions. Maybe its 3 pounds of muscle.

Juneau, the first port and 3rd largest city in Alaska. The population is comparable to a few city neighborhoods though. We went on a whale watching tour and although whales didn’t jump out of the water like in national geographic, we saw a few humpbacks, along with seals and eagles. The views were impressive.

<– there is an eagle resting on the middle thing
<– there is a whale fin or tail sticking out, most likely fin 😦

Next stop, Mendenhall glacier. This thing is massive, pictures just can’t capture the immense size of this thing. We took a 20 minute trail from the observation point to the waterfall.

Before the next port, we had to sail through Glacier Bay. This was the highlight for me. I was outside of the ship for hours just staring at this enormous ice world as we sailed through it. The ship gets really close to Margerie Glacier, and you can hear the white thunder as the pieces breaking off. I just wanted to get off the ship and explore for a bit and hike these giant mountains and glaciers. I now have the perfect idea for the next challenge and blog for 2013 or 2014, yes, a mountain climb. Most likely Mt. Rainier or Mt. Baker. But first things first, “JC path to Marathon”; 26 miles straight in November is the goal.

The next port was Sitka, and it was cloudy/rainy day all day long. And guess what, we booked a biking/hiking excursion, lovely. At least we didn’t book kayaking. But we still had a blast in the great outdoors. Eagles flew right over us and everything. My biggest regret is that I didn’t buy more huckleberry chocolates, argh.

Next stop, Ketchikan. It was time for some zip-lining in the Tongass rainforest.

Next stop, Victoria Canada. Since the shop docked at 6pm there was not much to see or do. We did manage to check out Buchart Gardens and finally saw a sequoia tree.

It was pretty much done after that. We packed, went to sleep, woke up, airport, 5 hour flight, read the 3rd part of the Hunger Games series, landed, baggage claim, home at last, late dinner, zzz. And you know, I had to run the next day, just an easy 13 miles this time. 5 days until the training run on Saturday with the charity group in central park.