The Big 20

Back from vacation, and feeling refreshed, I ran my Thursday 10k in 56:18. That time should be below 55 by the summer, I’m blaming the hills and traffic lights for now. Thus far, my longest distance is 18 miles in about 3 hours, but that was a whole month ago. For this Sunday’s long run, another attempt for 18 was made. The weather was in the low 60s; ideal. This time, I decided to reduce my usual pace. By this point (1.5 years of running experience), one should have a feel for their top speed, comfort speed, and relax speed. I resisted the urge to speed up and adjusted my pace depending on how out of breath I was, but never above comfort speed.

At mile 14, I felt better than usual. Around mile 15, I felt something strange on my sneaker like someone was grabbing it from behind. Wow, it was this big dog trying to bite me, whoa! I look back and grill the owner, but was too into my run to give a shit, so I kept running. People seriously need to be more responsible for their dogs. By mile 16, I was tired but not too tired to do 2 more. At mile 17, there was a choice to be made: should I run 1 mile home or do an extra “Willow lake loop” (2 miles) then run 1 mile home. Hmmm, why not, I’m on a roll. At mile 18, I started to regret my decision but was too far to turn back. At mile 19, I may have walked 75% of it, but 20 miles must be mine. I bought a coco icy from the mexican man and then just raced home with everything I am made of.

TWENTY! There is a freakin “2” in front of my mileage! It took 3:28:31. Six more miles, one more hour of easy jogging to be a whole marathon. I may be able to pull off a 4:30:00 after all.

20 miles down, time to rest now.

3 thoughts on “The Big 20

  1. PDX Running Chick May 10, 2012 / 7:01 am

    Told you you would do it!!!!! AND without pain! So happy for you!!!! Enjoy your well deserved rest! 🙂

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