Power Up

Could I run 18 miles again or was it a one time thing? Although it may be a bit early to be thinking of pace, my marathon goal pace is 9:00 min/mile. I ran a 10k through Forest Park (some rolling hills and some traffic light stops) after work on Thursday with an average pace of 9.24 min/mile, not bad.

A family get-together was scehduled for Sunday afternoon; feast time! I had to wake up early for my long run so that I could make it in time. The feast will be the reward, here we gooo.

Mile 0: In a rush, I forgot my leg brace, crap. Maybe its unnecessary.
Mile 1: I wonder if this will be another 18 miler, or a fail.
Mile 2: I gotta pee.
Mile 3: The bushes and trees, ahhhh, pee.
Mile 4: Here come the monster hills, let’s kick some ass.
Mile 5: I’m king of the mountain, not a single break.
Mile 6: I’m doing pretty good.
Mile 7: I hope this good feeling doesn’t go away, woohoo.
Mile 8: Just trying to keep my speed in check. I don’t wanna ruin my shins or knees at the halfway point, its a loooong way home.
Mile 9: H20 break, ahhhh, was so thirsty.
Mile 10: Unbelievable, I could go for 19 or 20 miles feeling like this.
Mile 11: No more traffic lights, and back to the park roads.
Mile 12: Starting to feel tired, but this is normal, I’m still going for it.
Mile 13: Half marathon in 2hrs 7mins, eh, typical finish time for me, but certainly not my best. 
Mile 14: Second water break. Wow, no knee pain or foot arch pain, its my lucky day.
Mile 15: Hang in there Jon, don’t break down.
Mile 16: Getting slowww, starting to break down, crap.
Mile 17: Yaaaa, feeling heavy, must push, I can see the finish. Forget about 19 and 20 miles, it ain’t gonna happen, I just want my 18 again. But whoa, just checked my time, 7 whole minutes shaved off! Power Up!

Mile 18: Run walk run walk, ugh. 0.5 left, 0.4 left, 0.3 left, counting the tenths of mile; desperate. Almost there, almost there… and 18.02 miles, stop the watch, YESSS! PR! 18 miles in 3hrs 2mins and not in as much pain as the week prior. Perhaps I can be a 4hr 30min marathon man after all. Now for my reward, the Sunday feast!

I took Monday off and saw the craziest movie “The Raid: Redemption. If you like hardcore brutal bloody kicking ass action, this is one of the best I’ve seen in years (and I see them all, so trust me). No strings, no slo-mo, no CGI, no BS, only raw Indonesian Silat fighting (with some shooting).

18 miles down, time to rest now…

2 thoughts on “Power Up

  1. Run To Munch April 11, 2012 / 2:12 pm

    Awesome job!! Not only can you do a marathon in 4:30, I’m sure you can power through it in sub 4!

  2. PDX Running Chick April 13, 2012 / 7:33 pm

    Nice job! I think that was a pretty awesome run! There was pain at the end but your telling of it makes it seem far less than in past runs. Without a doubt you’ll reach your goal!!!

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