Skip-it Skip-it

If there is one thing that can stop a runner from running, its some sort of injury or a pain that hurts like hell with each step. For this week’s long run, I felt like doing a repeat of 17. I finally got a good night’s sleep and the weather wasn’t too cold. So off I went.

Crap, I felt exhausted at the start. This sucks so bad but the show must go on. I took walk breaks here and there with the hope that things would get better in a few miles. Perhaps my body just needs to warm up. Oh yea, by mile 7, I was warmed up, I felt the power. The power, the feeling of running fast like its a walk in the park, where jogging feels like walking and running feels like jogging. I flew for what seemed to be 2 miles, but then crashed. But who cares, I knew the water stop was nearby. But, just my luck, it was closed, how the hell does a grocery store close at 4pm on Sunday? No problem mon, there are many parks coming up and one has to have a water fountain. 4 broken fountains later, I gave up looking. This will be the first time I broke the 13 mile barrier without a single ounce of water throughout. I took a shortcut through Kissena park to reach the next store quicker. At the park, the enormous willow tree in the summer is bare during the winter.

<– The face after running for 2 hrs without agua…

Perhaps it was the lack of water, but by the time I reached my second water spot at mile 14, my knee felt strange. I stretched for a few seconds, then ran downhill until it happened. My knee hurt like hell when any weight was applied to it while bent. How else am I supposed to run? Oh no, how will I get home? And how will I make 17 miles? Gyaaaargh, for another mile, but that’s it, just could not run with this. 2 more left, and too deep in Flushing park for a cab, noooooo, I’m gonna fight this.

I quickly developed a running pattern that prevented my right knee from bending. Skip-it, Skip-it. The stupid song is in my head now, that 80s toy where you put some plastic thing on one ankle and continuously jump over it with the other. I ran with an imaginary Skip-it all the way home. This turned out to be a painful 2hr 50min run, but good thing I’m training early in the year. How bad would it suck to be injured right before the race after all that training and investment?

17 miles down, time to rest now…

One thought on “Skip-it Skip-it

  1. PDX Running Chick February 29, 2012 / 12:23 am

    I’m sorry you are in pain. I would totally lay off the running for a few days and see how your knee feels. The body is resilient and you’ve got a good base so the prolonged rest of a few days shouldn’t hurt you in your training. I am impressed you made your 17 with everything working against you. Great job! I plan to use your trick tomorrow of imagining lava coming down the hill I will be running on to see if it speeds me up! Feel better. Again great job.

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