Sixteen Miles

The title says it all. And after such a lousy 13 mile fail last week. It was the thought of repeating the same performance which pushed me this time. I proceeded to run my usual route until I was up to 13 miles (when things get interesting). Home is 2 miles away, but then another thought entered my mind once I was a few blocks away from home. Why not another? Do I not have more in me? Wouldn’t it be good to reach another milestone?

So I made another detour, behind the LIRR for 1 more mile, and it was mostly downhill, excellent. With nothing left, I kept going till my running App said 16 miles, then shouted in glory, then limped to the store for a Gatorade. Will next week be 17, a repeat of 16, or another fail? We shall see…

16 miles down, time to rest now…

3 thoughts on “Sixteen Miles

  1. PDX Running Chick February 9, 2012 / 12:13 am

    Don’t expect to fail! Expect to succeed! If you choose to run 17 next week, you will. It’s a head game. It’s your mind against you because certainly if you can run 16 you can run 17. Know it, believe it, trust your training and then do it! Enjoy the journey.

  2. sephiroth796 February 9, 2012 / 12:47 am

    Firstly, you are the first to comment on my blog, congrats to you. My motto is to always to expect the worst but hope for the best, then you will never be disappointed. I agree with you, it is indeed a head game; becomes more of a mental challenge as the miles increase. I see that you are a seasoned marathoner. I never thought about running another 26.2 after the one I’m working for currently (NYC 2012), but then again, I had the same thought when I finished my first half marathon.

    To run is to be free…

    • PDX Running Chick February 9, 2012 / 1:13 am

      You will certainly run another marathon. Trust me. It’s an addiction. Albeit good, you won’t stop after one. To run is to be free! 🙂

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