Year of the Dragon


How cool is performing a double sword routine for chinese new year – year of the dragon. And I’m the guy to do it. As a person with a bit of stage fright, these performances always get me nervous. Good thing I did this routine last year for a kungfu tournament, so it should go a little better tomorrow. Only about a minute of spotlight, no problem mon.

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Who doesn’t think martial arts is cool? As soon as I saw Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon and Game of Death at age 6, it amazed me. As a teen, I saw Jackie Chan films like Drunken Master, Jet Li films like Fist of Legend, and as many Shaw Bros as I could get my hands on. I couldn’t get enough. Tiger, Crane, Mantis, Eagle, Monkey, Snake… staffs, spears, swords, kwandos, chain whips, hook swords, 3 section staffs… So much choreography, movements, poses, weapons, techniques, variations; this is indeed art. After collecting so many kungfu videos, I figured maybe its time to be a kungfu man myself, why watch.

Why watch? Great question. How can you want to do something and watch someone else do it? Its like watching someone take the job you wanted, eat the meal you wanted, the chance/opportunity you wanted, the girl you wanted, the life you wanted, etc. You have to take what you can out of life before the opportunity is gone.

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