The day of 14

The last few weeks made me question myself. It seemed like I may actually be going backwards. But then I thought, why the hell am I focused on speed when distance is the priority. Perhaps the reason I take so many walk breaks during a run session is because I’m running faster than I should be. Last year, I could run 2 hours straight during my Brooklyn Half marathon training, without taking breaks. Its time to experiment and change the approach by going back to basics.

Twas a cold 3-day weekend, and the warmest day was Martin Luther King day; below 32F and windy, brr. But there are no excuses, I must at least give it my best. I immediately felt the freezing cold and just decided to jog a wee bit slower, kind of like last year’s training. And behold, mile 10 felt like mile 2, yessss. I knew in my soul that this day was going to be the day of 14. 

14 miles in 2:18; with a fastest lap of 8.19min/mile. You know what this means; there’s no turning back. February is the month of 15. I gladly accept the challenge.

14 miles down, time to rest now…

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