January – the quest for 14 miles

Happy new year! 2012 is here and there is a new years resolution to stick to; to  run the NYC marathon. My goal is to become comfortable jogging 20 miles by October. With 10 months left, perhaps I can gradually add 0.75 miles more per month on my long runs (current farthest is 13.5). Since my last post, I’ve kept the promise to jog at least a half marathon distance every weekend. However, my performance is suffering a bit. Just to put it in perspective:

Dec20: 13.5 miles took 2:10
Dec26: 13.1 miles took 2:10
Jan01: 13.1 miles took 2:08
Jan07: 13.1 miles took 2:12

Confusing right. Why don’t I get better? Should there be 2 weeks in between these long runs? Would it help to have a mini run in the middle of the week? Should I go back to potatoes instead of oatmeal as a pre-run meal? Am I losing resolve? Is it the cold weather to blame? There are many variables and questions. Regardless of my speed and performance, I need to reach 14 miles by month’s end. Why does it get harder every weekend? I think my training method and nutrition choices need an adjustment in order to ascend to the next level.

Bad news: I didnt pass the lottery drawing for the NYC half marathon in March. How nice it would have been to jog through Time Square, oh well, maybe next year.

Good news: The future is always full of surprizes.

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