First Post – Hello World

Well, whats my story? Although born in Miami, I lived in NY all my life. My childhood and teens become more of a blur as I age so lets just fast forward to age 24. I moved out to live on my own in upper Manhattan with 3 roommates while going to college majoring in Engineering. Of course, I knew nothing about the real world and epically sucked at starting a career.

The next 4-5 years were tough; 4-6 hours sleep every night, switched jobs several times, went back to grad school, bad eating habits, etc. Nevertheless, I’m content with the result of my efforts, and have met many interesting people along the way, especially this one girl in particular who I met on MySpace in 2005 and married last year, Karen. I’m such a lucky guy to have found my wife and best friend through a random internet search.

I moved to Queens a few years ago (always wanted to live there). I grew up in the Bronx and never felt like it was for me.

Although I work at a bank (mostly sitting at a desk staring at 2 screens, writing code all day), I would consider myself an active person. I’ve been training kung-fu for years, currently YingJowPai (Eagle Claw):

Then the day came, I turned 30. Was this the end of my youth, are the best years behind me? Perhaps my 20s can somehow be extended by doing anything/everything that I’ve ever wanted to do, and to truly take advantage of my time left on Earth. What to do? I tried snowboarding and had a blast (not sure if I would do it again), took break-dancing classes at PMTHouseOfDance (plan to go back soon to master wind-mills and flares once and for all), finished a few Half marathons, competed in a kung-fu tournament advanced division, etc.

I’m making a bucket list; I want to summit a mountain, travel the world, do a back flip without breaking my neck, etc. On the top of this list; running 26.2 miles in the NYC marathon 2012.

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