From 13 blocks to 13 miles

If you are not challenged, then you’re half alive.

As I turned 29, I started to think that my physical ability would just go downhill from here on in. Maybe there is still hope to maintain my prime. One night, I watched an inspirational film “Run Fatboy Run”; about a guy who trained from scratch to run the London marathon. My mentality is: if can be done, then surely I can do it too. I watched the NYC marathon on TV for years and thought “how awesome would it be to run in that massive group of people one day”.

I had a doctor’s appointment on a Saturday morning around Halloween; about a 15 minute walk and 15 minute bus ride away. The time has come to actually try this jog thing out and to put myself to the challenge. But I don’t know a thing about jogging. What to wear, what to drink, how fast to jog, etc?

Out I went with my Ipod shuffle, 3 layers of shirts, kungfu pants, backback with a bottle of water. After 2 blocks, I realized the water bottle was bad idea since it kept knocking my back, so I tossed it, dumb idea. Perhaps I went faster than jogging speed and the cold air was hurting my throat. I had no breathing techniques and was out of breath quickly. After 10 blocks, I had to take a break. How could this be? Am I not in shape? I ran for another 5 blocks, another rest, and another and another. I walked a few more blocks and finally made it to my destination. I did 1 mile, whew.

Much harder than I thought. Is 26 miles possible for me? I don’t even enjoy running that much and can barely run a mile. But then again, this is the challenge I was looking for, so bring it on! A few days later, I decided to run to Queens Center Mall from my house (about 3 miles); a night jog, street lights and all. Maybe if I run slower and pace myself , this can be possible without having a heart attack. Behold, improvement already. I lasted a whole mile, but then collapsed, and took a break for 5 minutes. Then, my first major uphill, I took it on, but then another break a few blocks through. Must not rest! Must keep running, and so I did the 5 block run and 1 block walk shuffle all the way to my finish line. I felt great, and smiled as I took the train back home feeling proud of myself but too sweaty to sit down, hehe.

Can I keep this trend going? Can I keep the motivation? How bad do I want this? Will my body break down with pains and injuries? Lets see where this goes…

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